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Comment (26)

  1. I am so fucking tired, Tired of all the bullshit in my life, I just really wanna get this shit right, I am so fucking tired, Tired of all the bullshit that you say, I just wanna see you fucking fade away, I am so fucking tired, (Cause I am so fucking tired,) ——— First Verse: Getting treated like shit at my fucking job, With so much attitude, These stupid bitches act like snobs, I’m feeling robbed, Negativity, It’s everyday, So I don’t even care now, If I leave or stay, Cause either way, It ain’t worth what im getting paid, I’m hoping for a miracle, But I don’t even pray, It never change, And today it was supposed to rain, With every cloud standing over me, Im feeling pain, Deep in my veins, I’m tired of being taken for granted, & jealousy is evil, In your soul, Is where it’s planted, I’ve crash landed from another fuckin universe, I’m weird as hell, With bad language, All I do curse, I put my car in park, But now I’m moving in reverse, I keep on fucking up, So please remove me from the earth, I bottle everything inside, Until it starts to hurt, Until I snap on everybody, Which just makes it worse, And I don’t even know, If I have my job anymore, Snapping on some stupid bitch, I threw shit on the floor, I hit some old lady, In her muthafuckin Head, with a stack of cups, I wish that I was fucking dead,

  2. I'm so fucking tired
    Tired of all the bullshit
    In my life I just wanna get this right
    I'm so fucking tired
    Tired of all the bullshit that you say
    I just wanna see fucking fade away

  3. Im so fucking tired, tired of the fucking bullshit in my live!.. Thats a nice sentence in the song <3 I have Problems with my Girl and its actually pretty true, the Sentence.

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