TVKRIT – Khunk Kan (Krachai) ft. JUU4E & Macho – Still High

TVKRIT – Khunk Kan (Krachai) ft. JUU4E & Macho – Still High (Music Video)

Produced by: TVKRIT Artist: TVKRIT – JUU4E – MaCho StillHigh Beat: Prod. EH MIX & MASTER: TVKRIT MUSIC VDO: ONE O SEVEN ACT: J GEE & PEER & Champ Manggo THX: MANGGOPLUS …………………….. ………………………………………….. ……………… Lyrics similar to Kaempferia parviflora * Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh okay, won’t say Novo Your heart has it, and you will never have a leno player. You will never get hit. Even without Ko-Koen, I only have your own hands. You are like beautiful eyes. Flowers, grasses, descriptive, extraordinary leaves Just stay near Resulting in energy Brighten the world She is like Krachai Hook. She is like Krachai that makes me enjoy. She’s like a correspondent. That gives you the pleasure of filling She is like a correspondent. That makes me float during my walk She is like a correspondent that makes her eyes greasy. I will use fire to burn her smoke. In the time that we love each other drunk each other. She has only good things to help us get well. She is like a cbd substance or Thc. She causes me to not penetrate, no pain. Choose her and probably won’t eat After adding it, we went to eat Can stay for a long time in the morning Just have only us, enough to take to confirm the stars. Then let us go on. ** ** Than anyone, she is more beautiful than anyone. Beautiful green line Nature in Thailand Sensitive to the heart that makes me feel good Want to catch her crushing, followed by rolls and points I don’t care if you are fragrant or smelly. Because I have perfume to deodorize body ……. A casual person with a sense of humor like me. Luckily for us to have met her a lot of plums. Made my tongue so steep Causing my tentacles to wobbly, furry arms, legs and legs stood up against the cannabis until I was in pain. Hummmm. Invited you to dance Will admire her everyday Just you Don’t take your friends to smell the glue at home. Hank, please. Please. Hm, it’s a smokeless smokey. Hemp, put in a hemp, until the morning, the country or the downtown, the shok goes long. Yes Like you are magnificent Like you are crazy ** / *** / * I don’t know why it’s blurred Every time I meet Lean back, I won’t change the same way. Ma mary jane Now where ya at Like the heart does not walk The body odor of Terry, seductive and sensual It would be nice if I could burn Ouu! Please act with Melody. Please come and hurt me. Regardless of whether it is bad or good You look like a green tree. Ouu … I Need ya all tha time babie boo. You make me fascinated. Yea it’s true and I don’t wanna live without you. Ouu Ouuuu .. Thank you Terry for waiting to fill my heart. Fire it up. Ouu Ouu … ** / END
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