Tyler The Creator And Funk Flex Have an Honest Conversation Plus #Freestyle128

Tyler The Creator, and get past some issues…..After an Honest Conversation He Drops #Freestyle128

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  1. Absolutely fantastic interview, love the vibe you guys have going with this. You both seemed genuinely excited and like you were having the best time! I got really pumped when Flex said he watches true crime stories because I do too lol

  2. I liked relapse a lot by Eminem too one of his best albums if not his best I’m not even joking cuz it’s his life at the moment like honestly what he’s thinking and on drugs and he’s creepy and has an accent and the beats idk I thought it was amazing

  3. I feel bad for Tyler about his relationship/marriage views. You haven't met a lady like me is all. Me or not you haven't met the "right one." Marriage is fine I get that it's stupid but like dood said, we're young. Come see me Tyler & we can have an intellectual conversation.

  4. He said young kids should go to colleges so they can get use to paying back money 🤦🏽‍♂️ just buy a car 🚗 😂 what you think credit is for🤷🏽‍♂️

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