UK Grime / Hip Hop – Isle Of Man Dem – Clap Like Bang!

New single from the hottest act around, straight outta the Isle of Man.

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Isle of Man Dem have now been interviewed on Manx Radio, the Isle of Man’s local radio station! (no joke) – to check that out hit

Watch out Kano, watch out Dizzy – Isle Of Mandem are coming.


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  1. the isle of mans literally the safest place on earth. someone shot his missis about ten years ago that was the last report i think, not one person has ever had there car jacked EVER, most people leave there cars unlocked at night, its pretty much trouble free with no gangsters anywhere. and stop trying to cause beef with the isle of white you fucking hippies
    they have down nothing wrong in the whole history of the island ya tits

  2. corse its reel fam u neva bin isle blad?! diks lyk u wil get ur shoos nd sox jakd!

    No seriously, it's legit; just like Father Christmas, mermaids and your sense of humour.

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