Unknown T – Fire In The Booth

Unknown T’s 1st Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth.


➤ http://youtube.com/CharlieSloth
➤ http://facebook.com/CharlieSloth
➤ http://instagram.com/CharlieSloth
➤ http://twitter.com/CharlieSloth
➤ http://soundcloud.com/CharlieSloth
➤ SnapChat – imCharlieSloth
➤ http://charliesloth.com


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  1. Mad never forget the night in Moston this man came up to me said you got any bud numbers an brought him to a bud dealer we blazed up for a few minutes then he tells me he’s unknown t and my head was baffled I safed him and went on my way

  2. All these youngsters stabbing eachother up in the streets you people have to take responsibilities for glamorising this stuff on radio and video through mainstream channels that attract young viewers, White man will use black face to make it the face of crime and make money off the process, you Blacks are being pimped and raped off your culture wake the F UP.

    You need some sense drilled into your heads.

  3. Imagine if Homerton never came and saved the day?

    •Everyone would care about Loski holding Hazards 2.0 hostage
    •Kwengface would be on ropes by his fans to release more music.
    •Krept and Konan wouldn't of been exposed for just being clout chasing artist

    South London would be a mess ngl

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