Untitled (feat. Eyedea) – Forgotten Lores

Untitled (feat. Eyedea) – Forgotten Lores. From the mixtape Rest Of 2000 – 2007 (Rare, Unreleased & Remixes) by Forgotten Lores.

Meet Forgotten Lores. Reykjavik hip-hop group, five people strong. 3 MC’s & 2 DJ’s who write, record, mix, master and promote their own music. Founded in 2000. First live show later the same year. Next two years songs came out on mixtapes, compilation albums and via internet. Some in English others in Icelandic. Opened up for a bunch of artists in Iceland; Sage Francis, Kashal Tee, Akrobatik, Lone Catalysts, Jeru The Damaja, J-Live, Atmosphere, Killa Kela, Masta Ace & Wordsworth and Snoop Dogg. Our performance in 2004 landed us a gig in Washington DC later that year. Debut album “Týndi Hlekkurinn” (The Missing Link) dropped 2003. All in Icelandic. Received great reviews. Media proclaimed it a breakthrough for rap music in Iceland. Sold in over 1000 copies, and for an underground rap crew in Iceland with no airplay and no videos that’s no small accomplishment. Sophomore album “Frá Heimsenda” (From World’s End) came out December 2006 (all in icelandic too). Received 5 star reviews in the two largest local newspapers, Morgunblaðið and Fréttablaðið, along with a solid 4.5/5 rating in Reykjavik Grapevine among others.


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  1. Eyedea will always be the dopest to ever live. This style here is tight but i love his style later on in life. Dude brought more heart and soul into hip hop than any other mc to walk the planet. Rip eye

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