Uppbeat – IRISH FIRE [EP #2] – IRM TV

Uppbeat from Westport, Mayo, gives us his IRISH FIRE and the result is amazing !

Filmed by Paddy Galloway





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Comment (34)

  1. This one is a deep one lads !
    Share it up and give us and Uppbeat a follow on social media (all links in the description)

  2. now thats a good irish rapper! slower tempo so you can actually understand him and speaks from experiance, unlike other young lads iv heard that just rush through songs so you havent a clue what they are saying and then talk about guns and other shit that they have no clue about!!

  3. Hey guys! I'm a rapper out of County Monaghan, I was wondering if there was any way I could have some of my music posted to this channel?

  4. mother of god blowing away by this uppbeat this was amazing man if this dosent get mill views i will be shocked he went fully in on this

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