Urbanize – Irish Hip Hop Documentary (2006)

Amatuer Documentary on Irish Hip Hop features MJEX, Rob Kelly, Urban Intelligence, Nu-Centz, B-wonder & More.

Filmed by Urbanize.

for more Irish Hip Hop check out http://IrishHipHop.com or http://RapIreland.com


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  1. I know you had a segment with Nucentz but jesus an Irish Hip Hop docu over 2hrs long ….wheres Class As? Redzer & Terawrizt??, Tony Mahoney (absolute beat wizard). Wheres Scary Eire ( probably the first well known acts) or RiRa? ….. hands down our 2 finest MCs ever are RiRa & Terawrizt …this docu needs an update! Props for the work put in though.

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