USAid uses Cuban hip-hop to spark youth unrest | Guardian Explainers

Hip-hop is the latest covert weapon in the US government’s attempts to unseat Cuba’s communist government.
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For more than two years, the American development aid organisation USAid has been secretly trying to infiltrate Cuba’s underground hip-hop movement. Like its previous efforts, including exploding cigars, poisoned milkshakes and the botched Bay of Pigs invasion, the attempt to co-opt rappers ended in ignominious failure, new documents have shown.
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  1. Communism has tried to spread itself, or has spread itself historically in identical ways, but with less moral integrity. Look at how Cultural Marxism works. Is The Guardian really saying that their sociopathic posterboy Che Guevara's revolution amounted to a better regime than the one that it replaced?

  2. As far as me i am arguing to my fellow latin americans that through UNASUR and CELAC we establish "Latin Aid" and through that help the "development" of the hispanics living in the US but the real goal of that is for them to start a leftist third party there that will take power in the US in the future in an alliance with the american blacks and other minorities. Meanwhile it will connect latin america with the latin americans living in the US while advancing latin american interests within US society. It is only fair since the white anglo-saxons there stole so much land from Mexico in the XIX century while in the XXth century the US state supported many right wing dictatoships in latin american and in some cases directly invaded latin american countries.

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