UTFO – The Real Roxanne (1984)

UTFO – The Real Roxanne (1984)

DJ Angel is the REAL ROXANNE

The Real Roxanne is an American female hip hop MC who recorded for Select Records and who’s birth name is Adelaida Martinez, born in July 24, 1963).

Martinez was born in Brooklyn, New York. In the 1980s she, Roxanne Shanté, and others were engaged in the Roxanne Wars, a series of answer records inspired by UTFO’s hit song “Roxanne, Roxanne”, being the officially sanctioned artist in response to all of the answer records.

The role of The Real Roxanne was originally filled by a different woman, Elease Jack, who recorded the first single The Real Roxanne under the character’s name. Meanwhile, Martinez claims to have been introduced to UTFO in a fashion very similar to the Roxanne story. Already acquainted with Paul Anthony George, a member of Full Force, the group that produced UTFO:

Ironic enough, I briefly met Doc Ice and Kangol (Kid) at the Albee Square Mall in Brooklyn, and, like Roxanne, I paid them no mind when they tried to get their rap on. All this was taking place while Paul Anthony and I were just becoming friends. Full Force was looking for someone to play the permanent role of Roxanne, even though they had already cut the track with someone they picked out of a club, whom, by the way, had absolutely no rap experience. They utilized her for an answer back to outbid Roxanne Shante’s track. It seems that while they tried to create this character, they were having issues with this individual and her mother, so I was told, and that’s when I was asked by Paul Anthony if I would audition for the guys, and I said sure, and I did. And, from there, I kept on walking in the shoes of THE REAL Roxanne!



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  1. damn the real!!! O.G. this rapp is so hot legendary…. old school on the realest!!! damn take me back and yes i kno the lyrics!!! your a hood a crook a liar a thief! hells no! I'm the real… i need a man who can make me feel it!!! Aletha DeeAnn Den CO Native 303….

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