V Don & Adonis – This Thing of Ours (Full Album)

Support the artist & the label by purchasing the record here:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/this-thing-of-ours-original-motion-picture-soundtrack/1184276980
V Don & Adonis – This Thing of Ours
V Don & Adonis – This thing of ours
V Don & Adonis – Come on down
V Don & Adonis – Baby dont do it
V Don & Adonis – Extra extra
V Don & Adonis – Marble floors
V Don & Adonis – Consequences
V Don & Adonis – Confessions
V Don & Adonis – End credits

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Comment (37)

  1. They hate that I'm winnin"
    A Hundred bags to the ceiling
    I went from wearing Dickie slacks to brown linen
    Its true crime pays
    It's been a day and I aint shaved
    A week and i aint bathed
    Serving fiends to get paid
    Not tryna get laid
    I grew up
    I'm done with that faze
    Use to have waves now it's just grays for wisdom
    Never show your hand women
    Only loyal if a nigga winnin'
    When you hopping out the BM
    You lose you wont see em'
    Until the PM in your DM


  2. I always try and figure out why VDon works with such a unique group of artists… Adonis has a delivery and voice perfect for V’s gritty beats

  3. Paka paka paka where do I start this shit right here you ill for this one this shit been like number one in my playlist for the whole week and I don't see no Change and that's a good thing but I know the reason behind it The Mobb Deep influence between a don, v don , and lil eto my God

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