Verb T & Pitch 92 – Lie Low Feat. Ocean Wisdom & DJ Sammy B-Side (AUDIO)


Verb T & Pitch 92 -’Lie Low’ Featuring Ocean Wisdom & DJ Sammy B-Side Taken from Verb T & Pitch 92’s brand new collaborative LP ‘Good Evening’ out now on High Focus Records.

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  1. Ocean 'wiz' FREAK seen you in Adelaide Australia 🇦🇺. Let me do anything to get you, & leaf dog out here( love the four 🦉 owls). shoutout to contact play, dead 💀 players & dabbla

  2. British underground is where it’s at. Been bumping Wizzy for years now, love and good vibes for real dudes keep it up

  3. Some people are bad minded, everything they do is foul
    Right down to the nerve, like a damn root canal
    I'm confused about the way I'm supposed to let it go
    It could all be brighter on the other side, we'll never know
    'Til it's too late to tell, the paper trail left a clue
    When you move money like Western U
    Patience is testing you, careful at them times though
    Eyes won't see you if you lie low
    Shaken up, foaming at the mouth when I write flows
    Capture like webcam, deadpan
    My point of view, they see it like a headcam
    Now you West Ham, covered in claret
    That is pumping from my heart into the function
    Hell of a night ya know, hell of a righteous glow
    Don't invite ghosts to write flows for me, like a goat
    I'm stubborn as fuck so I stumble up the road
    Clutching hope, nah that's belief I hold
    And that's a lethal dose to make your dreams happen
    I've been absent, tryna drag myself back
    It's feeling like a deep challenge, on the peak balanced
    I'm just tryna keep control, people roam about 150 feet below
    Seeing gold, leaving minds spun like pizza dough
    Reputation by itself won't feed us though
    Regrets will eat you whole, leaving nothing left
    So we aim for the best and expect nothing less

  4. You guys sick in the game loving whats about to happen to hiphop in this country your gonna set styles and traumatik you guys running this,"easy"

  5. The absolute audacity of wisdom to do that in someone else's track… Incredible.. People who say there's not lyrical juice in those bars aren't listening properly. Go back and listen again.

  6. ocean wisdom is pure gimmick, a very generous 75% gibberish, set to a deceptively covered 15-20bpm too fast a beat, it all sounds the same after a while, and for lack of meaningful lyrics? why? because ill tell he wouldnt be able to memorize them, he's basically an auctionneer in the wrong line of work

  7. I never seen such a balance between the like-dislike buttons

    First: work out the difference (increase) between the two numbers you are comparing.
    Increase = New Number – Original Number.
    Then: divide the increase by the original number and multiply the answer by 100.
    % increase = Increase ÷ Original Number × 100.

  8. Verbs will always be heavy to me, but the contrasting style of flow is complimentary. Big up both of them. Love this song

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