Vietnamese Rap Song

funny rap song by the guy who does the prank calls to the tune of crossroads by Bone Thugs

heroin smack white vietnamese 5t cabramatta sing wa ye tong big circle asian gangsta gangster drug dealer van toung nguyen trafficking crossroads bone thugs n harmony ruthless eazy e 2166 marijuana bong hits kadafi wog 4 life jail gaol love hate 5t aussie gangs asian australia underworld underbelly moran


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Comment (47)

  1. The best shit ever.. i sell druag. You know??cus ima big tyme hab kong hair and fringe colour aswell ohhhh ima bery afraid. YOU KNOW!. Do mah may jit.. lmfao.

  2. best part " cuz i sell all that that theee drugk attract the white, all the time to all the little kids, I GO TO THE HIGH SCHOO, and i sell drugk to all the white kids cuz all junky u noo, BUT SOME KIDS GOOD AND SOME KIDS BAD, SOME VIETNAMESE GOOD AND SOME VIETNAMESE BAD, EVEN CAMBODIANS ARE GOOD AND BAD, BUT THEN THE END ITS ALL ABOUT THE DRUGK MAN " hold on lmfao okay " IF U WANT GOOD DRUGK COME TO ME I AM A GOOD G, BECUZ, I, LIK TO EAT QAWNAEME, AL THE TIME U NO " LMFAO BEST PARTTT

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