Vinnie Paz “Blood on My Hands” – Official Video

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From Vinnie Paz’s new solo album “The Pain Collector”:

Song produced by Vic Grimes for Crate Divizion.

Video Directed and Edited by Brandan Giehl
Produced by New Pace Productions and Enemy Soil
Director/DP: Brandan Giehl
Animation: Sean Riddick
Production Assistant: Colin Bradley

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Comment (31)

  1. I'm sad that "leftist" line made it in this otherwise amazing track. But it's not a huge deal, I guess. Vinnie and I would probably disagree on quite a few things.

  2. Imaginary mind vest working. Bring all the world's bullshit. Surround my by Killers oppresesrs manipulates, pollution, media, and make everybody hate me because I an old white male stereotype. But I'll outbeatbox any muther faker who ever steps into Mpls. Proof is word. I'm toxically Masculine. White I helped Build hip hop in this mfckr. I get no credit be design. My footage is limited by design. I stay in the shadow by design. I had four sets of turn tables I let go by design. An mpc 2000 I stuffed off by design. A mpk gone by design. A Mac book pro sluffed by design. A crew of obscure, lost in the shuffle dreamers scattered by design. Now I will never be the man. But Minneapolis Culture is Still being Built. By Our Design. MSP. P is for Permanent 😘

  3. When i get off work im buying liqor and co2 cartridges for my semi automatic realistic pistols bb gun and take out as many mice in the basement as i can .its more humane than stickey traps and i cant have mice running around here.all the while im gonna be playing gangster rap and metal while i get trashed off of liqour and weed killing mice .

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