Vinnie Paz – End of Days feat. Block McCloud

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  1. We're not being manipulated by the teachers but the teachers are giving off certain education to the children but they need more members of staff to support them

  2. The other prisoners so is where you think you're free but you were Jeremy being dictated and manipulated for example your freedom and living at home is Gemma the inside of a box

  3. Is there any truth certain individual information which people knows about and then other people knows about him when you actually explained the truth to them but it's really going off they do laugh in your face or they cause a argument

  4. Unbelievably sick people but generally a problem solving however these potential people are looking for individual people who can do problem solving by working and understanding politicians and government work out

  5. So glad this turned up on my feed. I spend my time studying all this craziness. Arm up and prepare. When shit hits the fan be a Victor not a victim!

  6. People need to wake up to this corruption!!! The Vatican is pure Evil. Religion is pure Evil!!! This week Cannibalism will be exposed amongst our elite. Mainly Liberals and Dem's…. Trump is going to wake the masses and Q is part of the awakening…. This song hits on so much truth it is ridiculous. Glad I came across it. Many are committing suicide to take the easy way out. Pure Evil is about to be exposed on earth and many will not be able to ever walk the streets again for they are going to be exposed.

  7. You're right, the enemies are around you. And we outnumber you, enjoy your death. The Egyptians were tyrants and satanic. It is clear this is an anti American swine. By the way dumbasses, how many people died of polio? Do you even know the answer?

  8. U NO Wat,,. I'm surprised , Vinnie ain't dead yet,for telling the truth… But, I BELIEVE it's because PEOPLE DON'T take him serious….. I DO…. he THE MAN….

  9. been listening FOR years… years vato…. Vinnie, IS THE SHIT..!!!! more hente NEEDS to listen…! spread the word…. I'm tired OF this world…. THERE is somethings bigger than them… LIFE.. LOVE,partner ship…. ALL THESE youngsters talking crap… For the feria,.money bro… YOU were born with Nada in YOUR hand……and YOU WILL,surly die with Nada.. WHY can't HUMANS understand??????

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