Viva Cuba Libre: Rap is War – Illegal Cuban Hip Hop Doc

In a small town outside of Havana, the young Cruz brothers are beaten and sentenced to prison for five years for listening to Cuban underground rappers, Los Aldeanos. VIVA CUBA LIBRE follows the intermingled stories of the Cruz brothers and the music that they love. From the streets of Havana comes the sound of struggle and the voice of a new revolution made thrillingly real by the hidden cameras that bring viewers inside the Cuban revolution.

We speak to filmmaker Jesse Acevedo about the process of making the movie, at risk of imprisonment to himself and his crew in this BYOD.

Jesse Acevedo is a film director born in Mexico and based in Los Angeles. He has worked on feature films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. Jesse Acevedo previously produced, wrote, and directed the feature documentary, TUDO AZUL which won the John Schlesinger Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. VIVA CUBA LIBRE premiered at the Miami International Film Festival and just recently played at the Newport Beach Film Festival.



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  1. The problem in Cuba is not socialism. It is a matter of economics and the governments efforts to build the economy. If Cuba could trade normally a lot of the problems in Cuba would not exist. But they cannot trade normally thanks to the US embargo. More of the extra value of labor has to be put back into building the economy due to Cuba`s extremely limited ability to trade. More trade would allow the Cuban workers to keep much more of the extra value of labor. Why is this so hard for the majority of Americans to understand? As far as the the Cuban government being quick to lay the hammer down from time to time, the revolution must be protected at all cost. It is really easy for the bourgeois to return to power.  

  2. Cuba libre? Nunca ha estado nuestra Cuba tan encadenada, ojala pueda resurgir pronto y se libere de las cadenas de unos pocos que siguen absorviendo sus sueños y realización.

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