Wakaliwood’s Supa Action-Packed Kickstarter Video!

Wakaliwood’s Supa Action-Packed Kickstarter Video!

MOAR Supa Action!!!!
Support Wakaliwood ?? https://www.patreon.com/wakaliwood

Thank you to all Supa Fans around the world. Togther you raised over $13,000 when we only asked for $160. That means we gonna blow up the world now. For Real! in Tebaatussula: EBOLA!!!!!

Now see Who Killed Captain Alex: Uganda’s First Action Movie
OUT NOW and FREE!! Subtitles, VJ, and Director’s Commentary!!

Who Killed Captain Alex was produced, written, directed, shot, and edited by Nabwana IGG from his home in Wakaliga, Uganda. Made for under $200 – using real blood and a modified car jack for a tripod – the film became a sensation in the slums of Uganda while the trailer went viral in Europe, South America, and the US.

Who Killed Captain Alex is available now, for free, via YouTube, BitTorrent Bundle, and torrent. Join our action-packed email list and download HiRes versions from our official website http://wakaliwood.com.

Share and enjoy, supa fans! And Thank you again!
– Nabwana IGG and Wakaliwood

See MOAR?? http://wakaliwood.com

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Comment (35)

  1. What wakaliwood has that Hollywood never will:

    -wholesome people
    -humble people
    And most importantly,
    They don’t touch kids.

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