We Out Here: A LDN Story

We Out Here: A LDN Story is a document of the people and places which have laid the foundations for London’s fertile jazz scene in 2018. It’s about the renaissance which jazz has experienced over the past few years. It’s also about friendship, community and the influences of the city that these musicians call home. The film tells the journey of these young, gifted players, many of whom have trained and come up together, and whose sounds are now becoming an integral part of London’s musical landscape – as well as representing the city around the UK and the rest of the world.

Directed by Fabrice Bourgelle

Buy/Stream Album: https://brownswoodrecs.lnk.to/WeOutHere


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  1. Does anyone know of the best live music listing for the new London Jazz scene? Now that Ghost Notes has closed down – struggling to find venues/lineups- thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Nice but still i find the doc lacks little musical pauses without people talking to allow the watchers to breathe. People constantly speaking is annoying to say the least. Moreover since there's a lot of good music to share without the apnea-like permanent boring selfcelebrating chit chat. Like Miles Davis said "In music silence is more important than sound". Applies to docs too. Respect to all involved though. Love

  3. This is exciting – as an ADHD'er and a writer who loves the chaos and brilliance of Jazz, I'd like to see where they go – hoping they'll team up with Andy C then I'll be calm…

  4. Brilliant. Didn't realise London had such a vibrant Jazz Scene. Jazz:refresh is about as much as I knew prior to this.
    Also, LOVED the outro. Very powerful.

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