West African Islamic Hip Hop- Senegal

Islamic Hip Hop 30 Minute Megamix, Bronx, NY: http://www.mixcrate.com/djcyrusnyc/islamic-hip-hop-bronx-atl-connection-260271

@Link- Real Hip Hop! ObiAj drops gems over a compilation of classic hip hop tracks. Beats, Edits, Soundbites and Blends from an Islamic Perspective, mega-mixed by DJ Cyrus Sayfu-Llah, Boogie Down Bronx, Gun-Hill flava!


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  1. it is very common for practicing Muslims to know ALL about Christianity. Islam tells us to read the Bible and Torah.. so.. yes.. he might know more Christianity than you do.. perhaps. =D WE are MUSLIM and knowledgeable.

  2. Awesome youtube clip! I hope to visit West Africa one day – Senegal and Mali.

    By the way, I wouldn't worry about people like throbule1, they're just trying to stir up trouble. Ignore them and hopefully the bad smell will go away.


  3. :

    I am an Arabian Muslim,

    I love all my Muslim brothers & sisters in Senegal & all over the world.

    Great scientific evidences 4 Islam on my videos & favorites.


  4. Waz up every one ok so to start off my name is well just call me BOOTZ I am a real West coast California Los angeles born and raised man who is currently living in Dakar for some time now and i like this new style of hip hop you guys have going here but just know that no matter what you do and how you put it STAY TRUE TO IT STAY FRESH KEEP IT REAL AND DONT BULLSHIT NO ONE ALSO IF YOU RAP ABOUT PEACE DONT TRY TO ACT HARD KEEP IT STRAIGHT FLOWING AND STAY UP

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