Westside Gunn and Conway Speak on Signing with Eminem, Being Shot in the Head + Freestyle

The legacy and tradition continues today, Shady Records signed an exclusive deal with New York based label, Griselda Records for artists, Westside Gunn and Conway. What started off as Goliath Management deal, turned into a full-fledged record deal!

These 2 brothers swung by Sway in the Morning with Benny the Butcher to talk about their journey here. From their low days of Conway being shot in the head and paralyzed down the side of his face, to the highs of getting the news of signing to Shady Records.

We heard they’ve also worked with legends like 9th Wonder and DJ Premier — so we had to put them on the spot to spit some bars! Keep up with @WestsideGunn, @WhoIsConway and @BennyBSF, watch the full interview and freestyle below.

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  1. that was the most mature statement a rapper has ever made about their situation. Little to no education, already was shot, there's no future in the streets. That alone would be the best piece of advice to send in the music. Granted i know being all preachy isn't always looked at positively, but still… artists glorify their struggle to the point people aspire for that.

  2. All 3 of these guys are animals. And I love how they all have their own distinctive styles that they bring to the fold..no one outshines the other…they all coexist and it feels genuine from the outside looking in. Reminds me of the Lox because they're so fuckin raw…no gimmicks…no fun boy shit…just classic street, gutta, trap music.. whatever you want to call it these niggas are hard as fuck. 💯

  3. I been hating the radio everything hiphop just everything and listening too mad old shit and completely missed thesez dudez!! WOW these catz make my old ass happy again!! THANK GOD HIP HOP IS ALIVE!

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