Where Da G's – Dizzee Rascal feat Bun B

Where Da G’s feat Bun B + Pimp C from UGK

1st single from Dizzee U.S release of his award winning Maths + English album


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  2. Over the top. Ft. UGK? Instant classic. I been had it, didn't know it it just popped in my shuffle. My coworkers saw me 50 feet in the air on the scissor lift and it was rocking.

  3. Completely cut Pimp Cs rap! I find this funny, Dizzee rapping about being down with real American gangs! What's he claiming? Crips, Bloods, Vice Lords, Gangsta Disciples? He raps 'you ain't robbed nobody, shanked no body, you ain't squeezed the trigger' neither has he? Oh sure maybe he robbed some old age pensioners when he was a delinquent youth, but seriously, he ain't gangsta. He ain't built for it! If he went to a US prison he'd get turned out and tricked out real quick. He has that slim boyish look that the bull queers love. Stick to tracks like bonkers Dizzee and leave the gangsta bullshit to the true degenerates that live it. Don't be bigging it up to your fans coz it only leads to death or prison. You should 'seckle'…..for tracks like 'dance wiv me' and that commercial shit you're doing these days.

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