Who Sampled? James Brown – The Funky Drummer Break

Who Sampled? James Brown – The Funky Drummer Break

This episode explores the artists that sampled, or took inspiration from James Brown’s Funky Drummer from 1970.

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Intro Song: James Brown – Funky Drummer
End Screen Song – Karl Jenkins – Palladio

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  1. One more to add – PWEI – Not now James we're busy – all about James Brown as well, how ironic – Top list though, so many to choose from, keep up the good work, awesome

  2. God I knew Mouse on Mars were right when they said that sampling has become a byword for lazy musicians who couldn't be bothered to come up with something they could do themselves but Jesus it's out of control.

  3. This is great! Clyde Stubblefield said on the documentary Mr. Dynamite (Netflix) that he was exhausted in the studio when recording Funky Drummer and actually hated the song! Little did he know…..

    Sublime – Scarlet Begonias

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