Why Nav Can NEVER Go Back 🤔

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Metro Boomin – Space Cadet

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Nav songs
NAV – Know Me
NAV – Champion ft. Travis Scott (Official Music Video)
NAV – Myself (Official Music Video)
88GLAM – It’s A Flex ft. NAV


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  1. With Nav going back to Rex I think it would be smart tbh. I’m not saying he should live there but before “Know Me” was released he said that he went back to Rexdale so he can get his old self back and it worked cause when he dropped Know Me everyone was saying that old Nav was back. Even tho he was still talking about all the flashy expensive shit he had his old flow back with it and people were loving it sayin this is old Nav. Then before Bad Habits was released he went back to Rexdale and tried to get his roots back again. He was posting on his stories that he was back at his moms house and shit like that. Then when Bad Habits dropped that shit went number on in the world. So it is true that him going back to Rexdale helps with his music. I feel like it just reminds him of where he came from and why he started this music shit. Even tho he says he hates the Rex that place is still his home.

  2. “I feel in love” “my own” “up” “the man” “TTD” “my self” “wanted you” those are his best songs and I wish he would make more song like that,same flow,beats etc.best song to listen when you’re driving at 3am

  3. Not a huge NAV fan just a fan in general of other artists as a whole but the the thing with NAV it’s that now he doesn’t know what to talk about I think personally like it’s coo with his “new” sound but just stop talking over and over that you’re the first brown boy poppin… I got more Pateks than you … balanci’s he literally made a song relating to a shoe I like NAV but I like listening to NAV when he’s talk about deep shit I don’t wanna hear him talk about his fame shit we ll get it lol not that I’m hating on NAV juts feel like he’s a bit reckless and repetitive with his music wish NAV would just talk more about deeper and relatable shit cause lately he’s just been making mainstream music

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