World Class Wreckin’ Cru – Juice (Kru-Cut 1985)

World Class Wreckin’ Cru – Juice (Kru-Cut 1985) music video

World Class Wreckin’ Cru was an electro group, best known for its contributions to early rap and its association with Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, and Michel’le.

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  1. I always hated when these tracks had the gay ass sexual rhythmic breathing like Egyptian lover. We get it you were wearing a vest with no shirt under and a Gerri curl. The most embarrassing part of the history of LA Rap/hip hop.

  2. On the turntables, mixin and scratchin, Dre was killin it.
    Afrika Bamabaaata, Dre, Twighlight 22, Jam Master J, Dj Magic Mike, Mr Mixx, Herbie Hancock are top ones that come to mind.
    Edit: ohhh and Dj Jazzy Jeff

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