World’s Famous Supreme Team – Hey DJ (1984)

World’s Famous Supreme Team – Hey DJ (1984)

Classic Hip-Hop



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  1. I love this song but sounds abit dated now! But the instrumental sounds timeless I'm 33 and love the 80s and 90s a time of creativity and expression! Hip hop and house music both creative massive scenes, the youth is dead now walking zombies stabbing each other left right and centre

  2. Reminds me of school dances at the local roller rink and high school gym in the 80's in Tidewater and on the Pennisula in Virginia…Washington DC and Prince George's County, MD!

  3. I miss the days where music didn't talk about, nor glorified violence, drug selling, usage, half naked women dancing in the videos. Just artist displaying their talents and love for the art of djing and Hip-Hop Music. I remember being early as 3 years old and up dancing to this jam, from 86 and up. Some of the best childhood memories came from bumping this jam. Can't get anything more fun, classy and pure like this anymore in today's generation.

  4. Pai d'égua!estava com 16 verões à época, tenho um conhecido que venceu o concurso de break nesse tempo,hoje ele é advogado.Também aprendi uns passes de break..Bons tempos.

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