World's first Tabwaj (Tabla & Pakhawaj together) live performance on Handsonic

This is my live “Tabwaj” performance played in Mumbai, India on Handsonic on 9 July 2014. Please read more information about it, in the beginning of this video.


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  1. Actually Don't Mind… I am Tabla and Pakhwaj Visharad…. R U really learned Tabla and Pakhwaj with the manner of Indian Classical Music?? i think you are insulting to Shastra Shudhha Sangitam…. but i appriciate that you played first "Bol"(1 minute => "Dhinn Dha Dhinn Dhi Nag, Dhinn Dha Tinn Ti Nag " ). Then after You played anything according to me & Indian Classical Instrumental Music… Please Learn Tabla and Mridungam (Pakhwaj) in Right way because they are Instruments of Indian Varkari(Bhajani Mandal) Sampraday… Please don't Play like This ???

  2. Out of this world sounds! Can't wait to lay hands on a Handsonic. Would you be giving lessons on how to use this? Online perhaps? I am familiar with the basic tabla tekas.

  3. One of the most powerful forms of human communications is music We are surrounded by opportunities to use it — in teamwork, in the workplace, in family life, in volunteering, what ever surrouds life — and when it is done the way you do it…it works wonders.

  4. Dear Jaywant,
    an enchanting performance as usual! and you picked a song from one of the best movies ever made on the life of the great Sant Dnyaneshwar – great!

  5. Jayawant,
    Superb…. May Vitthal and Rakhumai bless you.
    Loved the performance. One quick question. Can the sound me made less metallic?
    – Bindu

  6. Extremely entertaining as usual. Reminded me of your days in NJ at Gapapati Utsav!! My focus was on Tabwaj keeping in mind the event logistics and limitations described by you.

  7. I am happy to present my Tabwaj (Tabla+Pakhawaj combined) live performance played in Mumbai, India.  Please read detailed information on it at the beginning of video.

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