Wrekonize – Float – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Learn how to rap like the pros

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Wrekonize “Float”
Spotify – http://flyt.it/FLOAT
Official Hip Hop Music Video | Strange Music
Into The Further | Available now!

Produced by Beatnick & K-Salaam

Additional Vocals: Ryan “Myagi” Evans, Lindy Miller

Buy/Stream “Into The Further” – http://smarturl.it/intothefurther

Listen to Wrekonize on Spotify – http://flyt.it/WREK_SPT

Wrekonize on Twitter – http://twitter.com/wrekonize
Facebook – https://facebook.com/WrekonizeMusic
Instagram – http://instagram.com/wrekonize

Listen to more music from this album – http://bit.ly/2oTaYIT

Soundcloud – http://bit.ly/1eiIevd
Official – http://strangemusicinc.com

Official merchandise – http://strangemusicinc.net
TOUR DATES – http://strangevip.com




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Comment (31)

  1. Thanks for watching and sharing my people! This one isn’t about left or right and choosing sides. It’s about blocking out the noise. It’s about finding some peace amongst the static.

    This is one of three videos I have left to release for #IntoTheFurther. Hope you enjoy. Thanks again for the support!


  2. Float is the start to finding what would benefit your depth in spirit. There are many things to learn past leaving the point where we are chained at 🌍 there is not a limit to the space within the mind or ♥. Nor is there a limit to the endless expanding space around our planet.

  3. AWESOME!! And their are very few rappers that I like.. I thought Lindy was only a backup vocal I did not know that she was in the video also, surprised the hell out of me when she popped up and it was a face I could wrekonize! lol

  4. Does he have an interview talking about this track?
    When he says his epiphany is that we just have to float, it's clear in the music video that he's talking about Astral Projection.

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