Wu-Tang Clan vs. Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy 3-6 Chambers | 2Mello (Full Album)

Wu-Tang Clan vs. Final Fantasy | Presented by 2Mello


0:00 Those In Power
2:05 Magic Ruins Everything Around Me
7:05 Got Your Treasure
11:05 Figaro Kids
14:31 Shimmy Shimmy Strago
17:29 Beasts Under The Surface
22:16 R.E.C. The Opera
25:41 Rebel Daggers
28:51 Da Mystery of Shadow-Boxin’
33:19 Escape
37:16 The Returners
41:35 Battle Pit
44:58 Epitaph For The World
48:12 The Crew Is Back

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The Wu-Tang Clan, the legendary kings of rap, espers buried deep within their 36th chamber of skill, come forth into a land on the brink of destruction. The evil magic-abusing warlord Kefka holds legions of rappers and producers under his iron grip, using his Slave Crowns to make us work for him. The Wu-Tang are able to free me, but I still have to prove my skills in remixing if I am to join them in battle. Come with me on an audio journey chronicling my love for the Wu-Tang Clan’s music and culture and the story and themes of one of my favorite video games of all time. Happy 20th birthday, Final Fantasy 3-6. You’ve aged extremely well.

Whether you are a Wu fan, a classic RPG gamer or both, I hope you find plenty to amuse and entertain you here.

released October 20, 2014

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  1. Words can hardly describe how amazing this is! Like seriously!!?? The way the dj has mixed this, chronicling the adventure, the transition into run.. it's. .it's. . Untouchable!!

  2. listening to the beat. thinking about the lyrics. it actually fits. every final fantasy had its own hood. plus the fact that each game had its iteration of the thief's and gunner's for hire.

  3. I can't fucking handle shimmy shimmy strago 😂 When the FF music came in I was like "what wu song is he gonna mix with this?" Then it came in and I lost my shit.

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