Wun Two – Verbania (2020)

Wun Two – Verbania (Music Video)

Wun Two ‘o cavalo vermelho’ LP | March, 13th. 2020
Album presave: https://orcd.co/wuntwo
All links: https://orcd.co/wun_verbania

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Youtube: @wun two

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Regardless of producing underground classics like “Jazz auf Gleich” (2013) with Sichtexot rapper Eloquent, researching frequencies below 60 Hz with Hubert Daviz as a tag team (“Vapowavez”, 2018), or escorting you through the cold days of the year, making the experience of winter not being felt that bad (“Snow 1-4, 2016-18”). Wun Two‘s key motivation is the aesthetic standard, he applies to his works.

At the latest since “Pirata” (2019), a musical audio adventure in an English as well as in a German version (voice actors: Ugly God & Twit One), it is clear as daylight, that one does not only deal with a simple beat maker, but also a concept artist. In doing so, Wun Two‘s intention is not driven by binge-releasing his beats randomly rather than carefully selecting them in order to form them to a thoroughly illustrated album embedded in a lyrical frame work.

After the “Dolphi” EP as part of the “SXT Tracks“ series, the grand album “O Cavalo Vermelho” is being released in 2020. Based on an even more sophisticated sound, Wun Two takes the audience on a journey through a foggy but dry environment on the search for the “red horse”.

Musical support comes from his “partner in crime” Hubert Daviz, label mate Anthony Drawn (saxophone) and the exceptional artist Danae Greenfield (keys) from New York City.

The illustration and graphical concept is contributed by Robert Winter (Die Ottos).

“O Cavalo Vermelho” is being released on the 13th March 2020 via Sichtexot Records on vinyl LP and as a digital version.


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  1. die Übersetzung auf Englisch ist:
    On his dream he saw a fire-red horse.
    It was as strong and hard as a bear and as fast as a hawk, and could jump over rivers and rocks.
    He decided to search(for it).
    Danke an alle die mir mit Deutsch Übersetzungen geholfen ham. Das ist mein Beitrag aus Brasilien

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