X plastaz ft FidQ – Furaha – African Hip Hop Music

Official Music video for Furaha by X plastaz ft FidQ
Music Video by the Kilimanjaro Film Institute

Furaha music video:
Director: Christine Nassary
First Assistant Director: Bahati Akyoo
Camera: Goodluck Mushi
Joseph A Salam
Ezra Akyaa
Editor: Lightness Josephat
Trainers: Mo Assem
Thijs Bazelmans (HKU)

more info:


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  1. Tanzania holding it down. I am proud of you dawg. From one Tanzanian to another, keep doing your thing. International MCs are gonna get caught slipping and sleeping while you get it done. Take it to the next to the level.

  2. I'm diggin the whole vibe — dont know what they sayin but Its still groovy baby!! We need some more originality here in the states!

  3. The Xplastaz are back again. Allahamdulilah..The work of Marehemu Faza must continue. All the best. Kamaa and Diney keep the fire alive.

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