Yelawolf – Love Is Not Enough – OFFICIAL VIDEO [SCTV]

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  1. Should thought when enough was enough you sll could never get enough where rip doul out stop loving push push no turning around font tell she had nothing do with it god dm shit all you need lord in yalls life no wsy treat someone it's over now I swear god do help me not nothing stupid I'm stronger nothing wsnt good enough burn

  2. Of all the times I've listened to this, how did I not realize the music is sampled from Three 6 Mafia – Da Summer?! I knew something sounded familiar with it!

  3. I remember my first love and I had split right around when the time when this song came out… this song got me through some tough times 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯

  4. Good this song in the video 👌 the words in the lyrics don't make sense my b** heard this song and it don't make senseso what the hell I want to hear the real lyrics off that video 😂💀💀💀

  5. Keeping this on repeat been through hell for 6 years caught charges over her an everything else man messed my whole life up lost my family and everything bc I kept going back fuck it

  6. Never dwell on what could of been….. I'm learning this myself. 40……old 40oz…… keep living , keep loving,,, keep going forward….. never look back, don't forget, just look to the future….. nothing, no, nada,is going to be like three past…… keep moving on

  7. This my sis profile&pic so dnt judge, I do not have any profiles…i was recently in a year n a half relationship with a girl I met 25yrs ago, we have been friends and never messed around until 2018….i have done some shit wrong in the very beginning, first let me say this, I am married but seperated, divorce is expensive.i was feeling that sunshine on my window birds chirping feeling, an I got scared. So my instincts took over and I kind of…not withdrew, but put up a fence…..more or less…. Now b4 she an I hooked up, I was a bit of a "player" I was honest an up front bot my wife, with all the women I had encounters with, and very up front that I was cool with jus chillin u know, I don't do complicated, it was an unsaid agreement..moving on… She started pushing the relationship and saying I love u….at first I played it aloof, however to no avail that didn't last long.. Soon I began 2 give in 2 her and her "love"… As I said b4 I had female friends, some I had encounters with some I did not… She assumed I fucked every girl I know…. She started accusing me of texting bitches…. I lied……. Should not have done that, shod have just told her I did/do text bitches, not that it would have made a texts with the "bitches" We're never sexual in content… It w as always jus hi hello wtf u been, how come u don't get out anymore etc…. Nothing sexual…. But I lied all the same…..moving forward I was incarcerated for a short period, I had been incarcerated few times b4 and everytime the woman I was involved with found Jodi, Sancho, Tyrone, Billy…so I naturally felt that gut wrench, but this one was different, she stayed no sancho, money on the books, phone calls emails… Etc…it was then that I finally opened up my heart, soul completely 2 her…she said that I had sum explaining 2 do, but we would work it out, clean slate start over….after I got out, it took me awhile to gain birth certificate, I. D. Etc…. But I have gotten them an finally gained employment, a really gr8 job I make about 1400$ a week….well 3weeks ago we got into a fight, she packed out said she was leaving an not coming back…later that day I ran into a friend that I knew previous to her…. She gave me her number so I was like fuck it. Let her go by using this one to rebound right!!! Well less then 10txt msgs into it I couldn't help thinking bot my girl….. So I stopped texting right away an tracked my chick down….she came back home and next morning 1st thing she did was go thru my phone, woke me up tripping, I woke up 2 her screaming crying g throwing shit at me, I had no idea what she was saying and apparently she claims s I lied about txt another bitch…. She been gone since, 2days ago she tells me she is no longer interested in being in a relationship with me….she doing all same shit she constantly accused me of over a year ago.. I want nothing more but her to be mine but she is just on some revenge hate shit….. She does not love me, blames this all on me, says it's what I wanted….. Idk jus thought that I would share why I feel like love is not enuff 4 either of us..maybe I'm giving up baby I've given up

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