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  1. I try showing my wife different music, but she just walks away… I walked away from people showing me different songs/ music, i would of never found some of the best SHIT….. for real!!!!!!

  2. I love butty, but SHIT, I love titties too….and she ain't got none… flat chested, it's like touching myself….SHIT….I want a thick ass chick!!!! Yea….. fuck this white girl…

  3. My true love introduced me to this she is coming back to me and I can’t help but feel it’s our song like the rest of the world much respect yela love you sav 1/4 always

  4. Quite the ironic thing going to TN and really getting to the bottom of my life and who would have thought that a little brown dog that showed up one day would really show me what true love is I love you so much Gaga Dogg

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