Yes We Will Haiti – Haiti Bluez f Ashley Kebreau (Spoken Word Version Poetry Over Music)

This is Haiti Bluez’s debut spoken word track. which will be officially released ib the “L’Union Fait La Force (In Unity there is Strength) The Haiti Earthquake Relief Compilation in the latter 2010/Early 2011. As a veteran spoken word artist he is also venturing out into the realms of Hip Hop. This project is being put together by Queen Unique, 239 Acoustic Affairs, Haiti Bluez, and many independent artists. For just a $5.00 you will received the decorated talents of over 35-40 artists of all genres. All proceeds will go to charities that will not take. FMI: Please contact Haiti Bluez on his Facebook fan page or Queen Unique at 239 Acoustic Affairs’ L’Union Fait la Force Haiti Relief CD Compilation. With the looming crisis in Haiti we must all play our part to continue to make a difference. The world owes a debt to Haiti & Black-Afrakan peoples. Ayiti ap kanpe! (Haiti will stand)


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  1. @TheGoddessification thankh you very much goddess tammy :). you know the goddess innergy is a major reason for this….well actually w/o yall there'd be no us…so you all are the main reason….. divine peace unto you… 🙂 Let's Heal!

  2. @hailabg thankh you…please be sure to repost it/share it along on fb, twitter whatever. the compilation is a banga. look out of it next month!! let's git it!! Ayiti ap kampe (haiti will rise.)

  3. @aiynaiy give thanks. This is how we Melanites do it. WE ARE THE REVELATIONZ! Please share this wealth of abundance throughout. The compilation will be out for the anniversary. Give thanks again. The Black Womb-an is goddess and we are her divine reflection. Let's git it!

  4. @OyaRevolutionary Give thanks :). Please share and repost this video on your end as well so others can enjoy the wealth. Divine peace unto you!! Black-Afurakan Powa!

  5. @BeholderFilmsTV Give thanks Beholder…pleae repost and circulate this on your end. We gotta keep Haiti on our minds. As Afurakans we All have the spirit of Haiti within! Let's git it!

  6. @NUMBLIFEUSA give thanks yooo…be sure to share it and pass it along. You know with all the wackness goin on in Haiti w/them not receiving the promised monies. Out of all of the billions put together by the people 10 months later only 2-3% has been disbursed. Many people especially Black-Afrakans(Moors) do not really innerstand what Haiti represents for all of US. We have to do better "L'Union Fait La Force!!"(In Unity there is Strength). Let's git it!! Support the upcoming compilation.

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