Yogi B | Poetic Ammo | Vallavan | Tamizh Hip Hop | 1998

Poetic Ammo (previously known as PMO or Poetic Ammunition) was a Malaysian rap/hip-hop group. The group consisted of Yogeswaran Veerasingam (a.k.a. Yogi B), Chandrakumar Balakrishnan (a.k.a. Land Slyde), Nicholas Ong (a.k.a. Point Blanc), and Sashi Kumar Balakrishnan (a.k.a. C. Loco.) Although most of the group’s songs were written in English, they also released tracks in Malay, Tamil, and Cantonese.

The group was founded by Yogi B in 1990.

Yogi B released an album titled Vallavan in 2009 with collaboration of Natchatra. It became a huge hit album in for Malaysian Hip Hop music industries and also has become well known in South India with one of their remix track “Madhai Thiranthu” song.


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