Young Black Teenagers (YBT) – Tap the Bottle (1993)

Young Black Teenagers (YBT) – Tap the Bottle (1993)

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young white teenagers!
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  1. My friend with benefits interviewed them in college. We used to talk about it before and after good ass sex. I was incredulous that there was a crew of white boys calling theyselves “Young Black Teenagers”. That shit was wack. They was nice. They could flow but they tried to be to edgy using the currency of black culture.

  2. 4:39 minutes and not a single swear word! Back when rappers could make dope ass rhymes and didn't have to cuss through the whole thing like they do today!
    would mix from this into cypress hill Jump around… always packed the dance floor. LOL

  3. I was on holiday in New York from the UK when I first heard this track. It was playing on the radio & it totally hooked me. I went straight out to get me a 12" which I still have. It never made a dent in the UK so if it wasn't for that holiday I wouldn't still be hoppin' to that nasty groove still now after over 25 years later.

  4. 25 years later. What did we get for representing the "black" part of a "white" life? Eminem? Macklemore? MGK? Why don't we have a real rap group with only "white" rappers? Where is the white Wu-Tang, the white Public Enemy, even the white Migos? Why are YBT not such famous as their "black" counterparts?

  5. I am just now finding out about them actually stumbled upon this looking for the jamal house party rap 😂 THIS IS AMAZING 2019 we heeeereeee

  6. I remember when these guys and HOUSE OF PAIN got busted in and all male orgy in the hotel during their tour . Haha I bet they’re stoked that it was before the internet era and it didn’t get too widely spread !! ( not as wide as EVERLAST probably got spread that night at least …… haha knowmsayn)

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