YoungQueenz / OTAKU MOBB – 科学超電磁砲 I Don't Give A Shit To Your Party [Audio]


OTAKU MOBB , a side project by YoungQueenz.

” 御宅 – OTAKU MOBBIN’ ” Mixtape is now available at :

I dont give a shit to your party 每個人都交頭接耳
我坐正中再係一邊 shut my mouth 似寂静岭系列
佢地暗笑我似自閉 yes i heard it 但我有智慧
天文地理藝術同設計 不特止 我仲鐘意自慰
fuck your bitch what a bad hoes
佢幫我除衫 但我鐘意除數
計數機用420做 fuck the love i need no more
我有住焦點但有近視 毒撚世界中既朦朧

I don’t give a shit to your party 反正都係對我意見
收起你既虛偽笑臉 我比你想像更慢熱
shout out to my 週刊少年 boy wheres my 週刊少年 boy
20世紀少年keep that vintage 任天堂 Nintendō
That deathrow That P.A.C That Bad Boy That B.I.G
全彩Gameboy G.B.C 全彩色叫 P.C.P

(prod. GRXGVR)


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