Your Old Droog – It Wasn't Even Close

Your Old Droog – It Wasn't Even Close

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Label: Gogul Mogul / Mongoloid Banks
Featuring: MF Doom, Roc Marciano, Mach-Hommy, Lil Ugly Mane, Wiki
Producers: Evidence, Ohbliv, V Don, Daringer, Tha God Fahim, Sadhu Gold, Theravada, Nephew Hesh, Mono En Stereo
Your Old Droog – It Wasn’t Even Close
Your Old Droog – Gyros
Your Old Droog – feat. MF Doom & Mach-Hommy
Your Old Droog – By 13 (Vaclav Havel)
Your Old Droog – Hill
Your Old Droog – About To End
Your Old Droog – Babushka
Your Old Droog – Funeral March (The Dirge) feat. Mach-Hommy
Your Old Droog – Devil Springs
Your Old Droog – Smores feat. Lil Ugly Mane & Wiki
Your Old Droog – Ugly Truth (HOMMO Mix)
Your Old Droog – Chasing Ghosts feat. Roc Marciano
Your Old Droog – Haunted House Beat (Not a House Beat)
Your Old Droog – 90 From The Line

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Comment (42)

  1. EVERYONE going to sleep on this. Too real for radio, too rugged for pussified mumblerap lovers.

    Meanwhile, heads are increasing IQ with every repetition
    The answers reverb through the universe we just have to listen.

  2. The collab with Doom+Mach Hommy was worth listening to. Never doubt with his bars and consistency. Back from the first album, people told me he was the Ukraine Nas and I was skeptical. That skepticism is gone since the 1st EP. All I ask is another album with the dope ass beats. Approved from all parts of NYC.

  3. Ok, so I like to call myself a purist of sorts.
    Like everyone there's shit that I like, shit I'm like eh, and shit I don't like.
    This started out good and I would've given it maybe a B to A-
    Been skipping here and there but the Acapella joint, I was thinking I could blend with something.
    Then came the next beat which is cool but it was the line that he'll jux a Leprechaun that sold me lmfao
    Had to give it the thumbs up

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