The Roots featuring Bahamadia – Push Up Ya Lighter (1996)

The Roots – Push Up Ya Lighter (featuring Bahamadia)

Illadelph Halflife is The Roots third album. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this track.

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  1. For years I have bumped this. That beat is so perfect and smooth. That fade on the Rhodes. The drums.. the low end. Beat perfectly encapsulates this era and not to mention how fucking HARD the emcees came on this. Black thought is the most under appreciated of all time. Not even close. Dude is straight flame. Lyrics and his style is the best in the game

  2. I think Black Thought was rapping like he wanted to take the crown in the rap game circa '95-'96, in the midst of the East Coast lyrical renaissance, that featured heavy hitters like Nas, Jay Z, Biggie, Big L, Kool G. Rap, Mr. Cheeks, Wu Tang, Keith Murray, Buckshot, Prodigy, etc., who were on the lips of many hip hop heads as the rawest cats out. Nobody was mentioning his name and it just seemed like he took that personal and decided to slaughter the competition, as if his previous two albums with The Roots didn't solidify his lyrical heavyweight contender status already. I felt Bruh's hunger on this jawn, yo.

  3. 23 years of hip hop music in my brain, straight up. No one can beat Black Thoughts verse. real talk. show me anyone, a verse that can beat it. Respect

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