Klashnekoff – Traces

Klashnekoff – Traces Klashnekoff – Traces Track 23 taken from ‘Focus Mode’ (2005) http://klashnekoff.bandcamp.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/klashnekoff/id101633545 http://www.discogs.com/DJ-Skully–Klashnekoff-Focus-Mode/release/881327 Label – SDNO Press , source

London Posse – Kiss FM Freestyle (1993) (UK Hip Hop)

London Posse – Kiss FM Freestyle (1993) (UK Hip Hop) London Posse drop a freestyle over L.O.T.U.G.’s ‘Return Of The Funky Child’ live on Max N’ Daves Kiss FM show in ’93. , source

Hijack – Intro / Phantom Of The Opera (1991)

Hijack – Intro / Phantom Of The Opera (Vinyl, Audio Video) Hijack – Intro / Phantom Of The Opera Track 1 taken from ‘The Horns Of Jericho’ (1991) Label – Warner Bros. Records [ad1], [ad2] source

Jehst – Nightbreed (Feat. Klashnekoff & Kyza)

Jehst – Nightbreed (Feat. Klashnekoff & Kyza) Taken from ‘Alcoholic Author’ (2002) https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/jehst/id56913973 http://www.discogs.com/Jehst-Alcoholic-Author/master/67289 http://www.ynr-productions.co.uk/web/index.php Label – YNR Productions source

Unanimous Decision – Simply Dope (1992) (UK Hip Hop)

Taken from Unanimous Decision’s ‘Rap Sings The Blues’ E.P. Does what it says on the tin, Simply Dope. source

Skitz – Fingerprints Of The Gods Ft. Roots Manuva, Phi-Life Cypher & Skeleton(1998)

This Skitz track was released on 12″ and also featured his first LP ‘Countryman’. It features an allstar line-up consisting of Roots Manuva, Phi-Life Cypher, Skeleton and Tony Vegas of the Scratch Perverts on the cut. A companion piece to Skitz’ other well known track of that era, ‘Twilight Of The Gods’. source

London Posse – London Posse (1987) (UK Hip Hop)

The debut release from one of the U.K.’s most influential crews. Bionic, Roddie Rok, DJ Biznizz and Sipho (RIP) taught us Brits that we didn’t have to rhyme in fake American accents. source

Depth Charge – Depth Charge Vs. Silver Fox (1991) (UK Hip Hop)

If anybody deserves the title Breakbeat music pioneer it’s the man behind Depth Charge, J. Saul Kane. ‘Depth Charge Vs. Silver Fox’ is a collaboration between Kane and Gunshot rapid-fire spitter, Alkaline. source

Silvah Bullet – Chemissinyadiss (Freewheelin' Franklins Mix) (1998) (UK Hip Hop)

UK legend Silver Bullet returned in the mid 90’s with a slight name change and a leaning towards Ragga style lyrics. Freewheelin’ Franklin’s remix ups the tempo of the original giving it that hardcore UK vibe. source
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