Drake BOOED OFF Stage

Drake BOOED OFF Stage

Drake recently was apart of Tyler, The Creators festival involving Lil Uzi Vert, Solange, Thundercat & many more but frustrations grew when Drake’s set lasted longer than he stated, many fans expecting Frank Ocean to make an appearance.

We’re Tylers fans in the right?

Was Frank Ocean originally set to perform?

Drake Getting Booed Off Stage

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Comment (49)

  1. It just happens , nothing to analyze the public like crazy.
    Here is the thing : it was the last performance they had specific expectations regarding "the creator " and "Ocean " , that's fans they expressed themselves, nothing personal to Drake just their love cause missing Mr Ocean.
    ….there's some Huge Loves expressed there to another one👍 maybe in a singular way…
    Then also here what a Lesson ! this title of the biggest of what or what now call for some humility and we love that it's never so sure….

  2. You didn't mention the fact that the people didn't like the songs he started performing. That was another reason that a lot of people started booing him. I mean it's surely fucked up because that's not how you should act towards an artist but it's what happened.

  3. Well tbh if I got a gaming pc for christmas and I asked for a macbook, i'd be like, "you know I can't take a whole pc to class and work with me right?"

  4. Tyler may have matured from that "necrophilia, homophobia, I hate this world" phase while his fans are still the same old skater kids who think its cool to rap about rape and look all angsty mentality.

  5. Your so dumb finally finished your video most of the people booed because it ended early … please specify the difference between people booing when drake was on vs people who booed when camp was cut early …

  6. Man, I don’t understand the poor drake attitude. They had all there right to boo. None of those fans wanted to see drake, and theft showed it. Drake can pull up his big boy pants.

  7. If one of my family or friends gave me Drake tickets, I would be insulted as fuck. The only take away from this is that Tyler's fans don't FUCK wit' Drake. How are you trying to get at fans? Compared to Tyler, Drake is a whole other genre. Tyler's fans love Doom and wu, Drake's fans love pm dawn and…domino. That's two different energies. This is all on the people that COULDN'T get Frank Ocean to perform. They are the only ones that did something wrong. Not even Drake for going longer than he did, because that is an element of a performance, going above and beyond what's expected. I guess you could say Tyler did too in getting Drake, the most popular singer, unfortunately he's no Frank Ocean. The people have spoken.

  8. People should really learn to keep their expectations at a low so to not get disappointed as much. Like yall are mostly adults and teens and you boo fucking Drake off stage grow tf up you are in such a cool position to be surprise seeing fucking DRAKE. Im not even a Drake fan I listen to a song here and there BUT COME THE FUCK ON

  9. I had VIP and was very close to Drake and was cheering him on and singing along and he looked right at me 🙁 I tried drake I’m sorry there were too many booing, the energy wasn’t right at all..

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