Eminem – King Mathers (Unreleased Album) (Bootleg/Fan-Made)

Eminem – King Mathers (Unreleased Album) (Bootleg/Fan-Made)

This is new version of King Mathers. please READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW before you post any shit 😪

This is bootlegged (fan-made) version of King Mathers – album, that was being made after Encore, according to Ca$his and Stat Quo interviews.
I made researches and put here songs that were recorded for or in time of making King Mathers (or little earlier or later) – CWYWF (according to some lines, for example he raps there that he is still sleeping pills addict at that time), The Apple, GOAT (they were made in that time), Syllables (according to Stat Quo and Ca$his this could make to King Mathers or Statlanta. Somebody also stated that this joint was made for Detox but personally I don’t think so), Beautiful (various resources), Wee Wee, It’s Been Real and others. I also added songs from close time from some other albums (Re-Up, Obie’s n Trick’s albums) and some unreleased tracks to make it feel like a real album that Em could release.

1. Breaking News (Intro)
2. Careful What You Wish For
3. The Apple
4. Pistol Poppin’ (ft. Ca$his)
5. G.O.A.T.
6. Syllables (ft. Jay Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Stat Quo & Ca$his) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49LGT-d0cCU
7. You Don’t Know (ft. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Ca$his)
8. Paul (Skit)
9. Who Want It? (ft. Trick-Trick)
10. There They Go (ft. Obie Trice & Trick-Trick)
11. I’ll Hurt You (ft. Busta Rhymes)
12. Jimmy Crack Corn (ft. 50 Cent & Ca$his)
13. Ken Kaniff (Skit)
14. Wee Wee
15. Detroit Basketball
16. We Gone (ft. Obie Trice)
17. Classic Shit / Commercial Break (ft. Stat Quo)
18. Brenda (Skit)
19. 50 Ways https://youtu.be/93V4SFiwltM?t=2738
20. Beautiful
21. Emulate (ft. Obie Trice)
22. Dudey (ft. Obie Trice) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkmUzzTrPdE
23. It’s Been Real (Outro)




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  1. when he retires,all the songs that are locked in the files that werent release im waiting.. especially the song he didnt release because dre said he went to far with it lol

  2. Well I hate saying this cuz I used to love slims music I could always identify and relate to the shit he said like we had the same thoughts running thru our head but now he has put old blankets on a new bed n the shit he said just makes him sound like he is surrounded by the color red think he needs some better meds but let's make sure they aren't addictin cuz it will just create another pit for him to fall in so I sit just wishin that he wasnt just pussin life away stayin secluded too busy worrying about mgk n all his dissin man I wish em wasnt missin and that he could pull his head the fuck out his ass and go back to being a great musician well I'm outta time gotta stop writin about this shit I'm just sayin

  3. Esto no es música esto es una p. Mierda de disco, solo los últimos 2 minutos canta algo parecido a una canción, estáis todos fatales de las drogas

  4. Realmente solo canta al final del disco, en ese estribillo medio tema ése, lo demás no es música ni es nada menuda mierda la música que hacen hoy en día

  5. Some songs here are from other rappers' albums, Wee wee would have never made it to the album anyway. You just put everything from that era by Eminem lol.

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