Krumbsnatcha – Gettin Closer to God

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From the Gettin Closer to God 12″
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  1. u werent a victim of guns fool! you were a victim of violence n poverty really. a gun is a tool yo you coulda made a song about knives too! mad people get stabbed are they a victim of knives? no thatd sound even dumber. people get hit in the temple n die too. nice beat but the lyrics are retarded. a victim of guns smh Jesus said let him who has no sword sell his coat and buy one you think Jesus blamed crucifixes think he woulda said he was a victim of crosses? or a victim of evil, of violence? guns save lives everyday, krumbsnacha either a slow kid or a sellout for makin this song yo straight up.

  2. guys this is pretty good but keep in mind its a sample from "i am love" off the jackson 5's album which is amazing!.shoutout to the true OGs

  3. Man 20 yrs old when this it-ish came out. That's was the beginning of the puffy era ! What a fucking shame ! Makes me sick!! But, we still have our memories of the real it-ish!!

  4. 1. See a hip hop track called Gettin' Closer To God
    2. Then see it's produced by Primo
    3. Immediately know a Shook Ones Pt. II sample will be used in the chorus
    4. Find out this is indeed the case
    5. Rejoice in your knowledge

  5. this is a one of those perfect preemo scratch hooks, like d'evils by jay-z. love them ones when he makes whole sentences. wake up call by smiley the ghetto child is another….. there are so many

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