Robert Glasper Acoustic Trio @ The Kennedy Centre (2019)

Robert Glasper Acoustic Trio – Featuring Vicente Archer and Justin Tyson with DJ Jahi Sundance (Live, Music Video)

Grammy-winning Hip Hop jazz singer/pianist/producer Robert Glasper brings his spontaneous spirit of adventure to the REACH Opening Festival. Experience his genre-defying sound, reminiscent of jazz legends like Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock, with a twist of Hip Hop, R&B, and rock.

This is a recording from 19th September, 2019.


Robert Glasper, piano
Justin Tyson, drums
Vicente Archer, bass
DJ Jahi Sundance, DJ

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Comment (45)

  1. Such a beautiful marriage of jazz and various other forms of music. I don't know the first thing about the DJ or that style but I have to say that it was incredible, would love to see more of these.

  2. So envious of all the people who saw this live. Kennedy Center is one of my favorite venues in the US. And to host Robert Glasper?!?! Incredible night.

  3. This is mad cool. The drummer is outta sight. Very fucking good indeed! This band has u chilled and boppin hard. I pitty the 4 fools that thumbed this down. This needs thumbin up twice! Stuff is sick..

  4. In a time typified by intolerance and so much bullshit. Thank God for the purity and the “Keeping it Real” that is brought to you live and direct from The Robert Glasper Trio! 🙌🏾

  5. There are tons of great pianists in the world, but none can do what Robert Glasper does… his innovation and approach to music has never been seen in my opinion… in today's modern area.

  6. i love Glasper's catalog and many many of his jams . . but i feel the big stages like this somehow disconnect the music for his bands. He works great in a smaller room where the feeling is close and beautiful . . somehow it dissipates and gets lost in a lot of these recent jams i felt. I believe in the goal and will keep watching to see what they can pull together. Focus on the band feel on this size of stage i think . . get jamming in there on the daily till the warmth is big enough for the whole place.

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