Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Live – Melt Festival 2010)

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Live – Melt Festival 2010)

More proshot footage from the Heligoland tour. More Massive Attack videos from the Melt Festival in Germany are also available.




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  1. Jan 1st 2020, bought the original CD blue lines during the 90's, I've never stopped listening to MA since. I credit this master piece with hooking me up with the band I own more cd/downloads than any other. I'll never get sick or tired of this song as I don't allow myself to repeat it over and over again. I've started the year the way I mean to go on listening to quality music. At the age of 53 I can honestly say only total quality endures time.

  2. That Beautiful Bodacious Black Woman is amazing! Her voice is strong and powerful…. I envy her. And she's real pretty also!! Super talented with commanding vocals. Wow!! it can't get any better than this. You rock!

  3. I was fifteen, and now my son (18) loves the song the way I do…
    Totally frantic! A deep trip in my soul! Love too much!
    C'est magnifique, quel live incroyable.

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