Stetsasonic – Sally (1988)

Stetsasonic – Sally (vinyl, audio)

Artist: Stetsasonic
Song Title: Sally
Album: In Full Gear
Released: 1988
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Enjoy the lyrics. Let us know about corrections in the comments!


[Daddy-O] I got a (girl named Sally)
[Delite] And she don’t squawk
[Daddy-O] Or eat pork
[Both] With a spoon or fork
[Daddy-O] But I heard that

(Some people don’t like the way
The way Sally walk)
(Some people don’t like the way
They way Sally walk)
(1-2-3-4 Hit it!)

This story’s funny
I met this girl, and she had money
In vast abundance
Goo-goo gobs, I mean redundance
Her eyes were hazel
Her dress was suede, her voice was nasal
I found her so fly
But for the life of me, I didn’t know why


Now here’s what took place
We threw this jam, she rented the space
Nice place to party
But wouldn’t you know, it turned out sorry
It’s so confusin’
And sometimes I say it’s amusin’
The jam was okay
‘Til Sally walked in, cause just like I say


(girl named Sally)
(girl named Sally hit it)
(girl named Sally)
(girl named Sally)
(1-2-3-4 Hit it!)
(girl named Sally)
(girl named Sally hit it)
(girl named Sally)
(girl named Sally)
(1-2-3-4 Hit it!)

You know what? She don’t live in Manhatten
Bronx, Queens, or the island of Staten
She’s a Brooklyn swinga
So fly, every Friday night I might ring her
Telephone, yo D guess what (What?)
She’s all alone (So?)
Stoned to the bone
Her shape’s full grown
The kind of girl I’d love to own, ya see cause


I’m still with Sally
Paid and now we both chill in Cali

I think I love her
I know that I think highly of her

Believe it or not
I even thought
Of tying the knot

[All Three]
She’s opened my nose
And I ignore the story that goes:


Bridge (x2)



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  1. Who gave this song a thumbs down? Obviously you didn't grow up during this time. This was a stone-cold jam. One of the many cuts coming out my car at the lake front in Milwaukee.

  2. THANK YOU YouTube for recommending this tune!!!! Y'all finally got my attention! I never heard of this song! It's so good! Who needs mumble rap when you've got the real thing.

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