3rd Bass Gas Face The Arsenio Hall Show 1990

3rd Bass performs the Gas Face from The Cactus Album CD on The Arsenio Hall Show .


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  1. Arsenio's racist ass usually talked mad sh*t to white rappers on his show and tried to ambush them with loaded questions. Surprised he didn't try it with 3rd Bass.

  2. Pete Nice : you're not a black talk show host , only a talk show host .

    Arsenio Hall : so what's the black crowd…..

    Black people are the ONLY ones that see color !!

  3. Shout out to my brother from another mother (R.I.P. mom Cathy) , Robert(R.I.P.Bobby) Sean Hughes pulling my coat tails to this!!! Love my Sis Erica. Nuff said.

  4. That's the dumbest SHIGGITY💩I'VE ever heard in my 51 years on this planet to tell a black man he's not a black man he's just a man when were reminded everyday of just who in the hell we are… we are culturally conditioned to believe white is Superior in black is inferior🤠

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