Ghetto Story – Vinnie Jones | The Big Narstie Show

Ghetto Story – Vinnie Jones | The Big Narstie Show

“Movie star, Snatch, Gone in 60 Seconds with the cash!”

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Welcome to the official ‘The Big Narstie Show’ YouTube channel, bringing you all the best bits from the show! Check out Big Narstie and Mo Gilligan chatting to Jimmy Carr, David Schwimmer, David Mitchell and many more!

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The Big Narstie Show is a British chat show, presented by rapper Big Narstieand comedian Mo Gilligan, that airs on Channel 4.

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Comment (18)

  1. Didnt vinnie jones walk out during the recordings as well i really dont like this show how has it got a second season it always looks so unconfortable to watch

  2. Just being honest but vinny has been the worst guest to appear on the show……vinny made the vibe so dark…. mr Jones i firstly going to send my condolences to you and the family regarding loss of your wife but bro i thinl you shouldnt bother with tv or movies and grief for your wife as you to me is very sad and understandable holding alot inside you and this in your life you need time alone and time with family and loved ones so they can look after you.

    Energy on nastie show you had showed the nation your not ready to laugh and joke around cos shit is serious for you right now.

    I think one of the funniest peeps on this show was " Matt Lucas " so please channel 4 think about your guests better who you know dont care about their ego's and want to be hard man reputation. Simply down to earth peeps who want to have a real true laugh !!!

  3. Watching ep 1 as I write, it’s still messy af with Mo trying to steer things back on course as Narstie spins the rudder every 5 minutes, and the most of the guests look like they got on the wrong bloody ship, crazy, hahaha!

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