Bobby Oroza – This Love Pt 1 – BC064-45 – Side A

Taken from the Bobby Oroza full length album “This Love” out on Big Crown Records

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This Love

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Comment (41)

  1. This is nice, but I'm just not feeling these new retro artists. When people were making music like this in the '60s and '70s, it was a NEW sound that they were exploring. Today, the retro artists are going back in time to give us what was lost decades ago. There's a disconnect for me. I prefer the real stuff from the past artists, but these new artists are still good. They just need to make it sound more new than old. Still good, and respect for trying.

  2. OH, YEAH! IT TOOK ME A WHILE (dig it: with 400-hundred songs in my head, its hard to sort them out in reference). My i "revised" comparison to Bobby Oroza's compo that I figure fits it is the DiscoSoulJazz (early "Electronica",) "category", is the minor hit by a
    duo called "FAZE-O", OR "FAZE-0". Try Tripping out on this, whydontcha?

  3. …Oh yeah, now I've got it: Just realized that the closet song ("This Love") reminds me of is "The Moments" so-called 'slow-jam' "I'VE GOT TO KEEP ON LOVING YOU' (On the old "STANG" record label. (I still may have the single in my collection; must dig–ya 'dig'?

  4. Wow, ya coulda fooled me! This sounds more like late 1960s, and early '70s white "acid" so-called 'Pop-Rock' (crooner) music (allegedly fueled by drugs). Otherwise, it reminds me of some Black 'acid'-Jazz, "Natural -Gas" crooners of the 70s ( can't 'conjure' up any particular artists, at the moment). Like, what: is this 'artist' trying to create some 'faux' music genre, like "Punk (acid) Blues"? Must admit, It is somewhat compelling. As it is a "new release", I'm looking forward to the artist(s), and "Advance Men" explanation!!!

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