Stevie Wonder Opens Up to Concert Crowd about His New Instrument, the Harpejji

This is footage of a Stevie Wonder concert in Jacksonville, Florida, taken on November 1, 2012, during which Stevie introduces his new musical instrument, the harpejji, to his concert audience. He then performs his song “A Time to Love” on the instrument. Stevie has been playing the harpejji since the Spring of 2012. He first discovered the harpejji at Winter NAMM 2012, where harpejji inventor Tim Meeks gave him his first demo. Later that spring, Tim Meeks gave Stevie a few days of lessons, but since then he has been learning it on his own. The instrument featured in this video is a harpejji G16. Learn more about the harpejji at


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  1. I never Thumbed down a Stevie Wonder song. But this song that he and India wrote. That TOPIC is exhausted. Made me not ever want to even here this "Tar-iano". Some one need to tell him and India to let go of that SEGREGATION CRAP. And maybe, JUST MAYBE INTEGRATION WILL SHINE. STOP TRYING TO TEACH OUR YOUNGER GENERATION 'HOW TO AFFECTIVELY BE RACIST' Quit all this WHITEPOWER, BLACKPOWER CRAP, WHILE YOUR INTERRACIALLY MARRIED. LET THAT GO.. HOW ABOUT PEOPLE POWER.

  2. God I love this man, his playing of this complex new instrument is like a direct link to his musical mind, there will never be an instrument that even comes to allowing us to come close to the beautiful souldful music inside little Stevie unless it is connected directly to his souls and I would love to be around to hear it

  3. Stevie and Donny, Stevie and Donny, Stevie and Donny – or Donny and Stevie . . . I don't know what do you think? Answer please I've been wondering this for a while.

  4. I saw him playing that thing on "Superstition" when he was at Circuit of the Americas last year (2017), but I had no idea what it was. Amazing instrument, and a perfect fit for such a great musician.

  5. Wow…just the little intro 0:551:17, the sound this thing puts out is almost hypnotizing. So smooth electronic yet organic, feels good, as a pianist/organist I feel like it can convey a struggle only a string instrument con produce, hopefully i'll be able to purchase one one day

  6. yeah jesus fucking christ when will there be a time to love? america isn't bloody listening to stevie preaching the truth about the world. hell man, this shit is so fucked up know what im sayn?

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