cold crush brothers

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  1. Holy Shit! Just saw this for the first time on the Hip-Hop Evolution documentary on Netflix. Was absolutely blown away. Had to rewind it like 50 times to watch this scene over and over. Goosebumps. This jam should have been on wax

  2. Dont have to bite not necessary, the grandmaster caz got a rhyme library, rhyme from 9 till the break of day, don't have big mouth just a lot to say

  3. don't have 2 bite not necessary,
    grandmaster caz has a rhythm library….. one of the hardest lines I've heard in a long time from a old school g… love this shit

  4. блин, где ж сейчас те – busy bee, cold brothers, fantastic freaks. такой крутой фильм дикий стиль.

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